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The following social media presences are accounts I have had the pleasure of collaborating on and creating content for.


For David Hoffman Realty (residential boutique firm in the Carolinas), I worked closely with our Marketing Manager to assist in creating content to showcase our company culture, events, philanthropy, and team members. The content has been published and shared across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

For Foundry Commercial (commercial real estate firm with offices across the East Coast), I teamed up with our graphic designer to create an Instagram page as a way to showcase our Retail Brokers in the Charlotte office.


Keep scrolling to see the specific pieces I have contributed

my efforts to.




The creativity behind the first reel was inspired by our office's holiday favorite, Mr. Grinch. He was a part of our holiday decor and I thought including him in a reel would not only show off our office, but our company's personality. We can have fun in the office, right?!

The content in the video shows our friend Mr. Grinch walking around the office during the holiday season, looking rather lonely and missing his fellow real estate agents as they are out helping their clients. Set to the music of Celine Dion's "All by Myself," you can see Mr. Grinch looking longingly around the office for sight of his coworkers. 


The second reel is intended to display our brand new office, utilizing traditional transition methods often used on Tik Tok. 


In the highlights section of David Hoffman Realty's Instagram account, I created four different categories reflecting

our events, our luxury home line, our team and our philanthropic efforts. I was heavily involved in the content of each category, and created everything you see in the following categories: Events, Our Team and Philanthropy. I also created the buttons you see associated with each highlight.

In our Events category, you will find multiple events put on by the company, including two that I had the pleasure of organizing: our first ever Fall Festival and our Annual Holiday Party. In "Our Team," you will see videos I recorded, edited and created of some of our agents in the firm. "Philanthropy" exhibits our first charitable venture by partaking in Best Christmas Ever, a non-profit dedicated to delivering "the best Christmas ever" to families that have fallen on tough times.








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Foundry Commercial 2.PNG

CLT Retail is an Instagram account intended to showcase our Charlotte Retail Brokers and all their properties and projects. This account is a collaborative effort between myself and our graphic designer. We work together to create content, captions and a visually appealing grid layout.

The "Meet the Crew" photo was shot and edited by our graphic designer, Ashtin Hmiewlewski, and the caption was created by me. I pulled inspiration from the popular tv show Keeping Up With the Kardashians in the phrasing of "Keeping Up with the Retail Team." I tied it back to the word "crew" in the image by making our introduction of the team sound like the beginning of a new tv show, or "pilot" episode.

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IMG_4462 (1).jpg

Crunch Fitness recently opened a new location in Charlotte's University City, located in Town Center Plaza. This shopping complex is leased out by our very own Tommy Trimble, and Crunch is one of his more recent deals he signed and placed in the shopping center. 


To announce this big news, I went to the grand opening and took photos of the staff, the new members and gym itself. All photos in this post are my photos, and I curated the caption for this post as well.

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